Everyone, congratulate me, it’s been almost two weeks since I restarted this blog, and I haven’t quit! I am really excited to bring Nerd Speaker to WordPress and write about nerdy things – but how did I get here? Well, it’s a long… actually, pretty short story, really.

Nerd Speaker started in 2014 on Blogger as a passion project when I was unemployed, with lofty dreams of breaking into video game writing or public relations. However, rather than restrict my writing to gaming, I decided to cover any nerdy topic I fancied at the time so as to not restrict my scope. To be honest, I don’t really remember how I settled on the name Nerd Speaker – pretty much I am a nerd and very shouty. With my first post published on May 11, 2014, Nerd Speaker was born:


To look at this old banner, I cringe. I think my thought process at the time was that I was writing about nerdy topics, but in a sophisticated way. “But Jay,” you ask, “What in God’s name made you think that small town America in the 50s or a crusty old-timey white dude with a megaphone was in any way sophisticated?”


So anyway, I continued the blog up until the Fall, at which point I got the opportunity to write for the now-defunct video game website Gamer Headlines, and the blog went completely ignored. The site is a barren wasteland now, but still online – you can still see all my old posts on my Gamer Headlines writer profile.

I wrote for Gamer Headlines until January 2015, but stopped writing blogs entirely as I was accepted to a Public Relations program at Humber College in Toronto. I learned a lot about writing there, and we did have a blogging assignment, so I added two blogs to Nerd Speaker that were short and just for grades.

After that, I entered the 9-5 world, and had no desire to write for fun until Fall 2016 when I saw an episode of one of my favorite shows, Steven Universe. The episode entitled Mindful Education so captured my imagination I had to write a blog about it. I then tried to write for the BuzzFeed Community because, frankly, rather than try to write what I actually wanted to write, I craved a large audience. The experience was so disheartening – the format is shallow and the types of pieces that were accepted were along the caliber of “We can tell your favorite Disney Princess based on your favorite type of cheese.” That is a real post. I did get one piece published though, all about Steven Universe’s Peridot.

Finally, after having the desire to write for fun in the back of my mind for ages, I finally made the decision to move to WordPress (as I use it so much for work, and it’s WAY better than Blogger), and here we are!

I found a very-talented pixel artist who goes by Velura, and commissioned her to reforge the crusty old-timey white man into my glorious self, and she did a fantastic job! I encourage you to visit her on Twitter or Tumblr!

I used my limited Photoshop skills to create a new banner in homage to the title screen of one of my favorite NES games, Bubble Bobble, and got to writing. I am already so glad I did.

I look forward to continuing to grow my blog and get to know more of the wonderful community of WordPress bloggers. I’d like to give a shout out to Mr. Panda, The Otaku Judge, Mr. Wapojif and Quirky Girl, who so far have been the most engaged out of all the 30+ followers I’ve gained in less than two weeks. This community rocks!

I had to learn again to write just for fun, and now that I have taken the pressure off myself to use it to launch a career, the words are just flowing out of me. Writing is enjoyable, and finding people who share a love for the same nerdy things you love is a truly special experience. See you in the funny pages!

Thanks for reading my spiel! If you like this post, I encourage you to write in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. As well, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with my nerdy musings.